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Cindy Wiggers Bio & Workshops

Cindy Wiggers - is an, author, publisher, and national speaker. She established a family business, Geography Matters, with her husband in 1989. She has a heart to help parents inspire their children with a love for learning. Her workshop presentations are full of practical ideas from true-life experiences gained from home schooling her three very different children and her intense desire to see homeschool families succeed beyond their hopes and dreams. Her interests include nutrition and fitness, spending time with her grandchildren, and engaging in adventure with friends.

Her accomplishments include:

  •  Home schooling 3 children through high school
  •  Author: Trail Guide to World Geography and Trail Guide to U.S. Geography
  •  Co-author: Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide and Trail Guide to Bible Geography
  •  Publishing Director for Geography Matters
  •  Articles published in various homeschooling magazines
  •  General workshop speaker at numerous state conventions over the past 15 years
including: FPEA, SHEM, HEAV, MACHE, TPA, NCHE, CHEA of CA, IAHE, & more
  •  Former candidate for Colorado State House of Representatives
  •  Interpreter for the Deaf
  •  Leader of women's in-home Bible study group
  •  MOPS mentor

After attending her sessions, folks often remark Cindy's workshops provided the most practical and useful information they heard all day. Download Workshop Brochure.

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Cindy's Workshops Include:

7 Secrets to Help Kids Think for Themselves
Do you have trouble keeping your students interested in learning? Perhaps it's time you begin to think outside the box. Leonardo da Vinci approached knowledge from a unique perspective. Discover techniques used by da Vinci that, when implemented, will improve critical thinking and creativity, inspiring your students to want to gain knowledge. Included also in this workshop are ideas from the teachings of Ruth Beechick to develop thinking skills which help create a delight for learning and improves your children's ability to excel in any area they choose to pursue.

See How Easily You Can Make Learning Come Alive!
Kids love to get out of the books and DO something with what they are learning. Give them a deeper understanding of the peoples of the world as they study world history or geography by integrating art projects, cooking international meals, and using other hands-on learning tools like timelines and outline maps. They'll develop learning skills that will serve them for a lifetime!

The Secret of Adding Spice to Any Curriculum
Did you know George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all kept notebooks? Explore this natural approach to education that encourages your students to be life-long learners! Open the door to self-motivation, academic excellence, creativity, and true learning for your children through notebooking. See how readily it adapts into any home education program and how to start your family on this exciting journey of discovery learning.

How to Teach Geography in a Way That Has Your Kids Asking for More
Are you encountering geography in your everyday life experiences? You can, and we'll show you how! Knowing geography's 5 themes will help you make this topic come alive in your daily learning activities. Discover creative ways to incorporate games, simple mapping assignments, and using atlases and almanacs. Kid's love these kinds of hands-on projects and will want to learn more about the geography of our world.

What Everybody Ought to Know about Timelines
Are you trying to keep up with time and place in this continuum of life? Want to help your students remember historical events and their significance to history? Timelines can help you "boldly know where mankind has gone before"! Transport your, often random, historical studies into a chronological, simple format, and watch your student's interest and recall soar. This workshop explains the importance of routinely using a timeline and how to get started!

You Don't Have to be SuperMom to Homeschool Successfully
Moms, are you tired, grumpy, overweight, disheveled, unorganized, or all of the above? All too often devoted Moms focus so much of their attention and energies to serve the needs of their families they neglect their own very essential needs. When these Moms (and you know who you are) have also committed to educating their children this is even more the case. Come learn the basics of keeping yourself fit- spirit, soul, and body thus keeping a peaceful, yet confident attitude while fulfilling each day's duties. This is coming from a Mom who's "been there, done that" and would do it differently. Come learn from my mistakes and create a home environment you can be proud of. You will walk away inspired!


"Cindy spoke at our home school support group's kick off meeting. She gave the most delightful presentation that provided such a excellent overview to homeschooling and ways to avoid common pitfalls. She is full of innovative ideas to make homeschooling both a success and a joy for us parents. Her own homeschooling and life experiences has given her insight to the needs of today's homeshoolers. What a blessing she was!" —Garna Donahue, Director, Cumberland Christian Home Educators

"It was a blessing to have Cindy Wiggers from Geography Matters come and speak to our homeschool group. Our moms enjoyed the pertinent information and real life personal experiences she shared and how easy it was to relate to them. The moms informed me how uplifted, and encouraged they were and felt more empowered to be a successful homeschool parent. Cindy has a true heart for homeschool moms and has been an inspiration to me. If you ever thought geography was boring? Cindy shows you how to make geography interesting and how easy it is to incorporate it into all subjects. My children enjoyed the projects, book studies and mapping which were easy to add into our daily studies." —Debbie McGregor, Somerset, KY

"I just wanted to thank you again for speaking at the 2011 LDSEHE Home Education Conference in Virginia Beach. It was such a pleasure to have you there. I have used your materials for years and have seen the excitement that they encourage in my kids. I'm glad that you were able to come and share with all of our attendees.

I heard wonderful feedback from your classes. People were very thankful for the realistic, hands-on suggestions that you gave. On your class surveys, I saw many comments like "So practical!" and " I can do this - thank you!" People also commented on the wealth of information that you offered on so many topics.

I also heard from people who had the chance to speak with you and your husband at your vendor booth. They appreciated the time that you took to speak with them, answer their questions, and share your wonderful materials." —Katie Wilson, President, LDS Eastern Home Educators

Some anonymous feedback from post-workshop questionnaires:

"Thank you for expanding my view on geography. I was stuck and this has inspired me to keep going and dig deeper and explore more with my children."

"Liked how she could speak about her subject and motivate the listeners without pushing her own product.  Was a wonderful speaker with it not being a sales pitch."

"Thank you for sharing. Wonderful ideas on how to integrate geography throughout each subject!  Geography often gets overlooked or separated out."

"Love the 3x5 card idea. It's always helpful to have the practical classes."

"I would love to have her as a keynote speaker as she shares her mistakes and how they have become triumphs."

"It was helpful to see examples from your children's actual notebooks."

"Fabulously practical!"

"I would love to have her as a keynote speaker as she shares her mistakes and how they have become triumphs."

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