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Hands-on learning is usually, fun, memorable and a great break from textbook curriculum assignments. However, finding meaningful projects which don't belong a week later in the circular file (you know, the trash bin) or in which we have to find a place to store it is sometimes a real task in itself. I have boxes and boxes of past school projects that I've never had the heart to dispose of. It's a good thing I have attic space above the garage! Although I can't guarantee you'll have a place to store each of these projects, the fun factor and learning value should outweigh the little storage situation.

Displaying Maps in Your Home!

You absolutely MUST have maps displayed in your home. I can't tell you how many times I've had people tell me they grew up with a map in their room (or somewhere very visible) and as a result they LOVE geography, or they LOVE maps, or they KNOW their states, or they KNOW all their countries....A lot of learning happens around us without us even knowing it. I call it osmosis learning.  Full Activity

Learning States and Capitals

Students will remember much better that which includes action. Here are some easy ideas to implement for learning states and capitals (or countries and capitals).  Full Activity

Travel Brochure

Make a travel brochure depicting the points of interest of your state or your choice of any country. These instructions are from Trail Guide to U.S. Geography.  Full Activity

Signature State

Make your own outline map with an interesting twist. The following instructions are taken from Trail Guide to U.S. Geography.  Full Activity

3D Maps

Have you ever made maps of clay or salt dough? These are fun, fairly simple, and memorable. Here we share a couple of simple recipes you can use to make your own. They are taken from Geography Through Art and The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide.  Full Activity

Peanut Butter Geography

Add a fun learning experience to your lunch hour by issuing a challenge to your students. See how many states can be nibbled from one peanut butter sandwich.  Full Activity

Chocolate Chip Cookie Geography

Make an edible 3D map from cookie dough. You get to eat your project when you're done!  Full Activity

Jigsaw Map Puzzle

Younger kids really enjoy puzzles. Did you know the earliest known jigsaw puzzle was done of maps? Students can make their own puzzles and learn geography while doing so.   Full Activity

Timeline Game

Timeline dates are placed on cards and used in this fun game submitted by one of our customers.  Full Activity

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