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Timeline Game

Timeline Game
Submitted by Barbara Ford

At the end of this year, I had my daughter take her time line notebook and write events on cards to make a game. I based it on the Chronology game, which my husband and I love, but is still a bit beyond the kids'
ability. I cut sheets of card stock into 1/8s. In the upper left corner, we wrote the year (with the month and date under it if known/important). On the main part of the card, we wrote the event. She added 5+ cards a day for a couple weeks.

We can now play the game. The object is to build a time line. Each player gets a first card. They read the event and year aloud. On your turn, another player reads the event on a card to you. You have to decide whether it happened before or after the first card. On future turns, you choose whether it happens before the first, after the last or between two other cards. If you guess correctly, you get to keep the card. The object is to build a time line of 10 (or 5 or 7 or whatever).
Note: Geography Matters' Historical Timeline Figures includes a game nearly identical to this one described by Mrs. Ford.

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