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Eat Your Way Through the USA

by Loree' Pettit
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What is the best part of any vacation? The food, of course! The highlight of a trip to Maryland is soft shell crab cakes. A visit to Idaho is not complete without a variety of potato dishes and vacationers plan whole trips around the Cajun delicacies of Louisiana. A trip to the south means a mess of fried catfish and black eyed peas. Every state in this great country has its own culinary specialties. Now you can taste your way across the country without leaving your own dining room table!

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Eat Your Way Through the USA

Binding: Spiral Bound
Page Count: 120
Publisher: Geography Matters
Grade Level: K - 12
ISBN: GMi830

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"The Eat Your Way cookbooks will make children anxious to study geography! Using these books, the child could earn credit in both geography and home economics. The Eat Your Way series will be an excellent supplement or informal study of geography." —HomeschoolChristian.com

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