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Paths of Progress Packages

by Debbie Strayer & Linda Fowler


Teach all students in 5th-7th grades with this complete package. Remember that you can also adapt this homeschool curriculum for your 4th and 8th graders by following the guidelines provided in the instructions. Eighth graders will complete any number of enrichment activities provided each week which make use of a variety of other materials available from the library or online.

The complete package is comprised of all of the books that are needed for the curriculum. There are a few required books that contain Christian content and these are not approved for government funding. For the purpose of enabling families who use government funding to purchase curriculum, we have pulled these books out of our "Complete Bundle" and created government "Funded" and "Non-Funded" bundles that make up the whole package.

If you are using government funding to purchase your curriculum, you will need to select the "Funded" bundle and purchase the "Non-Funded" bundle separately with your personal funds.

A High School Extension that provides higher level activities and resources is also available for 8th-9th grade students.

*Note: The Assessments CD-ROM is included in the complete package.

The total retail value of this discounted bundle is over $451.

Paths of Progress Packages

Binding: Bundle
Publisher: Geography Matters

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