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Paths of Settlement Packages


Paths of Settlement Complete Package is the second step on the Trail Guide to Learning. Key events studied include the Colonial Period, the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Civil War, and Westward Expansion. Learn about the accomplishments of great Americans such as George Washington and Patrick Henry who built upon the trial blazed by brave explorers. Their actions teach us the principles of freedom and citizenship - founding and expanding our country, strengthening us in times of war and binding us together in times of struggle. This full one-year course is targeted for grades 4-6, but the lessons can be easily adapted for 3rd and 7th grades as well.

The complete package is comprised of all of the books that are needed for the curriculum. There are a few required books that contain Christian content and these are not approved for government funding. For the purpose of enabling families who use government funding to purchase curriculum, we have pulled these books out of our "Complete Bundle" and created government "Funded" and "Non-Funded" bundles that make up the whole package.

If you are using government funding to purchase your curriculum, you will need to select the "Funded" bundle and purchase the "Non-Funded" bundle separately with your personal funds.

A Middle School supplement that provides higher level activities and readers is also available for older students.

*Note: The Assessments CD-ROM is included in the complete package.

This bundle comes complete with the required resources necessary to complete the entire year. This complete package will ship with everything listed below. Save over 12% by purchasing the complete bundle!

Paths of Settlement Packages

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"We have enjoyed Paths of Exploration and are just finishing
Lewis and Clark. We have enjoyed looking back at all the
wonderful material completed. Their improvement in writing
and drawing have really stood out. I have also liked the
critical think elements such as "reflective thinking." We
have used [curriculum X] in the past and love literature based
material but this curriculum has really eased our load
without compromise. In fact, since it is more user friendly
I find we are completing more material. Thanks for having
my kids and me in mind when you designed Paths of
. We are already looking forward to Paths of
." Vicky

"I ordered Trail Guide to Learning this past Tuesday and received it a mere two days later! Wow! Kudos to your customer service department! I am so happy with the curriculum thus far. It is extremely well-laid out and very easy to implement. I have [curriculum X] I've tried to use [curriculum Y] and ended up selling them after a few weeks. You have brought together the best elements of all of those and then some and put it together in a way that makes sense and is easy to use. The Handbook of Nature Study has been sitting on my bookshelf for years but I could never really incorporate it into the curriculum we were using, but now, with Trail Guide, I can! I know people will want to tweak and add things, especially grammar, but I'm with Dr Beechick and plan to wait until high school for formal grammar instruction. I also love the teaching notes. They provide handholding without being scripted. They help me to understand what my children should be taking away from each lesson and provide opportunities for discussion. Your curriculum is an answer to my prayers. Thank you!" Ann

"Paths of Exploration has restored my joy and confidence in our homeschooling. My children have not only enjoyed school more but they have grown tremendously in their ability to think through and communicate ideas with clarity and depth. We have many thrilling stories of triumph that started in struggles as my children were challenged beyond their natural abilities to discuss, to write, to draw or present their work. I am eternally grateful for how my own views of what learning really is have been transformed so that we can be free to love learning together." Elyce

"I have been using Paths of Exploration this past school year and I am very happy with it. I am looking forward to Paths of Settlement. I am wondering if a list is available for the books that will be used so I can begin planning and preparing. Thanks so much for any information you might have and thank you for this wonderful, innovative curriculum!" Amy