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The Story of the Orchestra Book & CD

by Robert Levine
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The Story of the Orchestra- I'm Orchestra Bob and I'm here to lead you on an exciting journey through the world of classical music. Listen, learn and enjoy as I cue powerful works from the greatest composers in the world. Along the way, I'll tell you wonderful and wacky stories about deaf composers, quirky musicians and the inspirations behind the great works. You'll hear Wagner's powerful Ride of the Valkyries and imagine the warrior goddesses on horseback storming through the battlefields. Beethoven will inspire you with selections from his two most famous pieces, the 5th and 9th symphonies, and you'll tap your toes to Bernstein's jazzy dance music from West Side Story. Then, I'll introduce you to the beautiful instruments of the orchestra from common ones that you have probably seen and heard to rare and weird-looking ones that produce strange sounds. It's my honor to take you on this grand journey, and I think you'll find it as thrilling as I do.

The Story of the Orchestra Book & CD

Binding: Hardback with CD
Page Count: 96 + CD-ROM
Grade Level: all ages

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