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Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection CD-Rom

by Josh and Hannah Wiggers
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Outline maps are a foundational part of teaching geography and history. Here are 260+ maps to use year after year, regardless of topic or time studied. Print from the convenience of your home computer with this CD-ROM

From drawing explorer's routes to tracking hurricanes to depicting the rise and fall of empires, it's here! Includes continents, ancient historical regions, important war arenas, each of the fifty states, and more! Rivers are lightly shaded and surrounding borders are visible for reference points to aid students in their labeling assignments.

Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection CD-Rom

Binding: CD ROM
Publisher: Geography Matters

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"From kindergarten through high school graduation, Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book is a handy resource that you will refer to again and again!" ~Cindy Prechtel, Editor of homeschoolingfromtheheart.com Read the Full Review at Homeschooling From the Heart

"The day that Uncle Josh's Outline Maps CD from Geography Matters arrived in the mail was the day I knew I had found an invaluable geography resource for our homeschool!" ~Mrs. Richard Hostler

"This is one of those resources that will serve your needs year after year, whether you are learning by way of unit studies or textbooks, unschooling or "living books" or anything in between!" ~Jean Hall www.eho.org Read the Full Review at Eclectic Homeschool

"I teach Middle School World History in Greenville SC. I bought Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book at the ACSI convention. What a great help it was this semester! Thank you so much!! I'm really looking forward to using the Ultimate Geography & Timeline Guide. I can't wait till it gets here!" ~R. Mitchell

"If you have ever labored to find a blank map you could reproduce and hand out as your students are studying a region, time in history, or as a related activity in science or literature, Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book is definitely a must-have resource." ~Leslie J. Wyatt


Is there any way to print a list of the map titles, like a Table of Contents?

There is not a Table of Contents on the disk, however you can print a detailed TOC from this link: Table of Contents.

Can I use these maps for my school?

Permission is granted to copy the maps for your classroom or group, but the copyright restricts reproduction for an entire school. Each classroom teacher wishing to use the maps should have his/her own copy of the book or CD-ROM.

What additional maps are included on the CD and not in the book?

The CD has each Canadian Territory, shaded physical relief maps of each continent, shaded physical relief of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a map of some of the republics that withdrew from the old Soviet Union. Each time we reprint the CD-ROM, Uncle Josh adds maps. Most recently he added color, labeled maps of the U.S.

Which is best, CD or Book?

This depends upon your need. Do you prefer to use a copy machine or a computer printer? There are 80+ additional maps on the CD that are not in the book. Uncle Josh adds a few new maps each time we reprint the CD-ROM. The most recent printing he added color US labeled maps!

Is the CD-ROM Mac Compatible?


What format is the CD-ROM?

Maps are pdf files read by Acrobat Reader. Most computers using the internet have Acrobat Reader already installed. It is also included on the CD for your convenience.

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